6 Steps to Freedom

The Tools You Need to Achieve Freedom from Stress in Six Simple Steps

In 6 Steps to Freedom, Dr. Brian Alman draws on decades of clinically proven techniques to help you gain freedom from stress. 

The power to overcome stress is locked away inside of you. Through a revolutionary 6-step process, Dr. Alman will help you unlock that power so you can learn how to relieve stress quickly.

You can’t control the cards life deals you. You can control how you respond to the inevitable ups and downs that come with being human.

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The benefits of being able to get freedom from stress go beyond feeling more relaxed. When you feel less stress, you’ll also find that…

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Your relationships improve

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Your health challenges decrease

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You get more restorative sleep

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You restore a powerful connection to self

As you learn how to let go of stress, you’ll feel more empowered and in control of your life with each passing day. 

Why wait? Start breaking free from stress today!

What you can expect in the 6 Steps to Freedom program:

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Week 1

Identify addictions, patterns, and stressors holding you back.

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Week 2

Learn what stage of healing you are in and how to move through the stages.

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Week 3 and 4

Learn about your triggers and how to shift them into positive change.

Week 5 Icon with yellow background

Week 5

Work with your “Committee” to get the help and support you need.

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Week 6

Revolutionize how you think of self-esteem, and raise yours for stress-free living.

By the end of this course, you will experience freedom from stress like never before. 

You will also have the tools and techniques you need to continue your stress-free path for a lifetime.

Dr. Alman’s mind-body healing practices have helped countless people live happier lives.

Learn how to relieve stress quickly and effectively by exploring the mind-body connection with 6 Steps to Freedom. The tools you need for a less stressful life are already inside you. It’s time to unlock them and break free from stress.

Meet Dr. Brian Alman, Your 6 Steps to Freedom Facilitator

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Dr. Alman is an educator and advanced care practitioner. He helps people help themselves by accessing the mind-body connection for healing.

His journey toward helping others heal began with his own struggle with chronic pain.

Dr. Alman was born with a congenital back condition that caused debilitating pain. As a young adult, he began to search for a way to beat the pain without undergoing surgery. This quest led him to pursue an education in psychology.

Under the tutelage of Dr. Milton Erickson, Alman developed techniques to help people alleviate their stress, pain, and suffering. 

Dr. Alman has now made it his mission to improve mental health and wellness across the globe. To that end, he has

  • Appeared on major network television and radio programs,

  • Served as a consultant to major corporations, including P&G, Apple, Best Buy, and the NFL,

  • Given lectures all over the world,

  • Published several books about self-healing, and

  • Created and facilitated several training workshops and online programs.

Dr. Alman is dedicated to helping people break down their unconscious barriers and get to the root of their stress and health issues. He wants people to reach their highest potential so they can thrive at home, at work, and in school.

Dr. Alman’s 6 Steps to Freedom program combines years of clinically proven techniques with modern delivery methods. 

Get started on your path toward stress-free living today.

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What you get when you join 6 Steps to Freedom :

6 weeks of video and audio lessons with full transcriptions, so you can access the material in whatever way works best for you.

How-tos for achieving mind-body balance and self-love, so you can build your resilience to future stressors.

Interactive journals to help you immediately put what you learn into practice.

Strategies for better self-awareness, so you can pinpoint sources of stress and learn how to manage or eliminate them.

Easy-to-use meditations and guided visualizations that can help you handle stress quickly no matter where you are.

6 weeks of video and audio lessons with full transcriptions, so you can access the material in whatever way works best for you.

Don’t miss your chance to regain control of your life and let go of stress.

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