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Gain clarity in who you are, what you want, and what you’re capable of.

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Love Yourself Deeply

Embrace unconditional love for your unique gifts and potential.

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About Dr. Brian Alman

Dr. Brian Alman is a passionate facilitator. Using knowledge of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious, he has contributed greatly to the fields of psychology, medicine, wellness, parenting, business and sports.

ACE Study

He was nicknamed “The Doctor of Last Resort” at Kaiser Permanente — the world’s largest nonprofit healthcare provider. By discovering and facilitating the unconscious, inner potential of each person, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people and contributed to making the world a better place. With his inventions, books, training workshops, one-on-one mobile technologies and online programs, Dr. Alman is now helping people help themselves more than ever before in the fields of weight loss, stress reduction, healing and healthcare.

Successful Past Clients

Diverse Audiences

He is accomplishing this for people in business, the arts and sports through his companies Relish Rx, TrueSage, Meditation with Healing and SwaggerNetworks. He offers health care and individualized, clinically proven treatment solutions influenced by his participation in Kaiser’s groundbreaking Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.


Dr. Alman has longtime close, trusting relationships with leaders and members in numerous disciplines because of his commitment to long-term follow-up. He is committed to achieving lasting results quickly with unconditional acceptance, consistent respect, openness and comfort. He is a lifelong learner as well as facilitator and teacher.

Whole Person Perspective

He began his journey of helping people help themselves with their whole being, mind, body and spirit because of his own experience in confronting pain stemming from a congenital back condition. As a young adult, Alman sought to explore a way to beat debilitating pain without undergoing surgery, a quest that led him to pursue an education in psychology.

Scholastic & Research

He studied under Dr. Milton Erickson, known as the “wizard of Phoenix” for his extraordinary success in mind-body healing, psychology, hypnotherapy, and meditation as well as helping each individual discover their own answers.

Under Erickson’s tutelage, Dr. Alman made his own breakthroughs and developed techniques enabling individuals to alleviate their stress, pain and suffering.

Lectures & Corporate Consultations

Now based in San Diego, Dr. Alman has lectured all over the world, appeared often on major network television and radio programs and served as a consultant to major corporations, including Proctor & Gamble, Apple, Best Buy and the National Football League.

Dr. Alman is also applying his knowledge about connecting with one’s own inner true sage and the power of integrating conscious, subconscious and unconscious understandings into his new book, new programs and new stress detection technologies to achieve resolutions at the root causes of stress and health issues.

FCC Philosophy

While transforming companies and positively changing the world, his other priorities are spending time with his four grown-up children. Just don’t ask him to explain the human mind. After a lifetime of studying minds — he will respond that every individual is unique. The only common denominator in all of us is that we are inspired to improve our own lives and those of others with what Dr. Alman calls FCC — friendliness, caring and compassion — the true ingredients of love.

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