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Live Workshops


Dr. Brian Alman offers virtual webinars for teams and covers a variety of techniques ranging from losing weight and keeping it off, self-confidence, communication skills, patience, stress management, addictions, health, and happiness. Participants will have access to Dr. Alman’s group sessions, opportunities for one-on-one conversations, and the ability to email and/or call Dr. Alman directly. A webinar is typically 45 minutes in length.

Potential Webinar Topics

  • Hello Time Management: Goodbye Procrastination & Disorganization
  • Letting Go of Stress at Work: 1 Minute Exercises
  • Peak Performance at Work
  • Losing Weight & Keeping It Off
  • Listening To Your Intuition: Inner Voice at Work
  • Addictions: Replacing Them with Passions
  • Problem/Solution: Weight Loss and Keeping It Off
  • Breaking Up: Relationships
  • Focusing on What’s Right About Customers, Colleagues and Yourself
  • Dealing With The Stress of the Holidays: Making These Your Best Yet!

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